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Nampa Naturopathic Health Clinic is now providing lab testing and interpretation, physical exams, diagnosis, and pharmaceutical prescription management. In addition to these services, we offer naturopathic healthcare services including Herbal and Nutritional Medicine,  Chiropractic care,  Dietary and Lifestyle counseling, Chinese Medicine, and Homeopathy.

Functional Medicine

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Discover the power of personalized healthcare with our Functional Medicine Service. Our clinic offers hundreds of healthcare products, carefully selected and prescribed for your body's specific needs. These products include herbal, nutritional, homeopathic, and essential oils. 
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Total Body Modification

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Total Body Modification (TBM) is a comprehensive system of alternative healing that has been practiced worldwide since 1978. TBM implements non-invasive Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Osteopathic, and muscle testing techniques to create a holistic approach to restoring the body’s self-regulation and, thereby, healing capacity by working through the nervous system. TBM gets to the root cause of symptoms to provide true healing that you can feel in a short amount of time.
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Diet & Lifestyle counseling

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A healthy diet and lifestyle is essential for good health. Our clinic focuses heavily on practical education for creating daily healthy habits that will support you and your family's good health for a lifetime. 
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Allergies & Food Sensitivities

We specialize in resolving underlying causes of mild to severe environmental and food allergies

Energy, Stress & Sleep

The basics of good health, our services are energizing, increase quality of sleep, and improve stress resilience

Anxiety & Depression

Many Americans are plagued with ongoing mental stress. Our services provide relief for the body and the mind

Digestion & Elimination

Creating good digestive health is a hallmark of Naturopathic medicine and is a key component of good health

Pain & Inflammation

Inflammation can cause pain, discomfort, and more. Our methods help to uncover the cause of inflammation and resolve them

Acute & Chronic Infections

Whether it's chronic infections such as Lyme & EBV or acute infections such as cold, flu, sore throat, & more, we have solutions for you

Men's & Women's Hormones

Comprehensive healthcare that supports the health and well-being of Men & Women in every phase of life.

Sugar & Metabolic Conditions

We offer complimentary care for Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, & Metabolic syndrome

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